wooldseveen nabij camping De Harmienehoeve

Wooldse Peat Bog

Camping "De Harmienehoeve" is a stone's throw from the Wooldse Veen. This is a beautiful high moor area near Winterswijk. Together with the Burlo-Vardingholter Venn on the other side of the German border, it forms a vast piece of nature. Here you can walk for hours and enjoy nature. Nowadays there is even a nature recovery plan for the Wooldse Veen. Together, the municipalities and Natuurmomenten ensure that future holidaymakers – like you – can also discover this area.

Are you going for a walk in the Wooldse Veen?

A beautiful walking path runs through the Wooldse Veen. Along the way you will encounter special plants, such as sundew, lavender heather, small cranberry and peat moss. Birches and sometimes oaks grow on the peat dykes. In the spring you can see special dragonflies and butterflies with a bit of luck. Other species that you may encounter are the slow worm, heather locust, smooth snake, badger and buzzard.

The Wooldse Veen is a vulnerable area. New raised peat forms in the old peat pits. Therefore always stay well on the trails. In wet seasons it is best to wear wellies because the area can be very swampy.

Or would you rather cycle?

You cannot cycle in the Wooldse Veen itself, but you can in the immediate vicinity. An old smuggling route runs between the Wooldse Veen and the peat area on the other side of the German border, which can now be used as a cross-border cycle route. The route takes you past the Green Border and numerous historical old border stones. Information is available at the VVV Winterswijk.

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