bekkendelle in Winterswijk Woold

Bekkendelle Forest

The Bekkendelle is located near Camping de Harmienehoeve. This is a beautiful forest with a nature reserve where you can enjoy walking.

The nature reserve consists of a large forest, but is best known for the Boven-Slinge brook. It flows from Germany to our village. Tip: walk down part of this stream and you will come across many different landscapes. There is a walking path next to the stream, so you don't have to worry about getting lost.

Are you coming in spring? Then you will see the rare forest yellow star, slender primrose and musk herb in Bekkendelle. Are you coming to our campsite in autumn? Then you will find the Boven-Slinge very different. In rainy autumn weather, the Boven-Slinge flows very wildly. It also regularly overflows its banks. Fortunately, the hiking trail is high. So you will not get wet feet.

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